Finally: The Complete System for Building a Highly Profitable Appreneur Business.

Tired of Your Apps Not Getting the Recognition they Deserve?

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    Are you looking to get started in the App business and you want to make sure you follow proven steps for success?
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    Or maybe you are looking to create a new App or Game, but you just don't know where to start?
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    Or maybe you have already created an App or a Game that you invested your heart, soul, and money into that no one is noticing?

Hi, I'm Mike, Co-Founder of TOAD.  I'm so excited to have this opportunity to show you all of the ways we have learned through the years to create, publish, and maintain an Appreneur business.  Regardless of whether you are just starting out, or you have already created one or more Apps, I am here to help you along your journey.

Stop Working so hard for so little progress...

We all entered the entrepreneur game to eventually escape from the 9 to 5 and gain freedom for ourselves right?  So, why then do so many of us end up chasing one fad or another?  Constantly following the next bright shiny object, the next "Opportunity".  The next promise of a shortcut to easy money.  It's ok to admit it, we are all guilty.
However, don't let the above section header fool you.  I'm not here to tell you hard work is not required.  The key however is to make sure your hard work is going towards something of value, something that you know before you begin is what your customers are looking for.


"But I don't know how to find out what my customers are looking for!" If that's something you're worried about, then I'm here to help.  Starting down your App journey without this knowledge is a path to disaster.  There was a time, in the early days of the App Store, where you could create and publish whatever App you wanted to, that you thought was cool, and you could get a lot of downloads and make some money.  Those days are gone.  Now, you need to treat your App business like a real business.  You have to understand your customers and your brand and stay true to both in everything you do.

Own An app business you can be proud of

We all want to build an App business that we can be proud of right?  However, this desire can drive you in 1 of 2 directions.  Either you will get frozen with fear along the way of "What If my App is not good enough?"  Or, you eagerly get started, but then as the numerous questions and issues start to compound, you release something substandard or else you just copy what someone else has done.

I don't want you to follow either of those 2 directions.  I want you to identify the market you love, do the customer research, and deliver exactly what your potential customers are needing that is just not being provided yet.  

Let me tell you, once you reach this point and create something that a tribe of people love, it changes everything.  Your sense of pride grows.  Your motivation grows.  You don't want to ever do it any other way ever again.  You don't have to worry about how to get feedback for your App. Your tribe is loving it and they want to make sure everyone knows about it.

What it means to have a tribe

Once you reach the point where you have done all of the research and you have built the App that your research identified is exactly what is needed, suddenly everything changes.  You have an audience that loves your App.  You have your very own tribe which makes everything else easier.

Marketing. Easier because you know where your audience hangs out and you know how to talk to them.

App Updates: Easier because your tribe is going to tell you exactly what else they need that can make it better.

And the greatest part is it only takes 1.  One great App built the correct way from start to finish is enough to build your business around.

But maybe this is not news to you?  Maybe right now you're thinking:

"Mike, I'm already trying to do what you are describing.  I have created an App that provides real value, and it's not working."

Maybe you've been reading along so far and rolling your eyes "Tell me something I don't know."

Maybe you're already creating Apps that provide real value, but you're still struggling to get ahead.

Many Appreneurs have the "Chasing Pennies" problem because they undervalue themselves and their Apps.  This leads to working too much for too little reward.

Don't know how to fix those problems?  Well what if you had an exact system for walking you step by step with examples and proven exercises to take you from where you are to where you want to be?

That's what you will get with the TOAD App Marketing System.


I'm guilty of chasing the App Store shiny object. In the early days of the App Store, when you could publish just about any App you wanted and make money with it, I did.

Apple has now removed most of those early Apps/Games I created and honestly, I'm glad they did. They were trash. They were nothing that I could be proud of. I wasn't even proud enough of them to share them with my friends.

But those early days are also what led me to create TOAD. I wanted to help people build the Apps they wanted, but I also wanted to eventually have the influence to suggest and drive people towards building a quality App or Game that can provide real value to the world.  I have had a lot of success helping people build the Apps they wanted, but I still felt like something was missing.  TOAD has always been open to helping out as much as possible with answering customer questions, etc. but we have never had a means to guide you step by step from start to finish.  Until Now!

Building your Appreneur business the right way

Look, simply creating an App is not going to make you a Success.  Creating the App is the easy part.  There are thousands and thousands of App Creators who struggle to make more than a few pennies.

What I'm talking about is not just another way to build an App or a game.  Anyone can do that.

I'm talking about building an App following a very specific formula from start to finish.  An App that you are building with confidence knowing ahead of time that you have an audience to consume it.

I've developed a process which melds Marketing + App Creation + Marketing.  That's right, Marketing is their twice because it's that important.  You don't just build an App and hope for the best.  That's never going to work.  But if you understand your target market, build a highly marketable App, and then follow some proven marketing systems, you've got a winner.

Read On to discover the detailed components of this formula.

Why An Appreneur Business is the best business model

Build an App that solves your customers problems is truly rewarding, but that's not the only advantage to this business model.

Here are a few other reasons why being an Appreneur kicks ASS:

The Business That Can Travel With You

This is a business that you can truly run from a laptop. You don't need office space, you aren't tied to a specific location.  And because of the mobile App Platforms, your Apps are available online 24/7 so you can make your own work hours and take time off whenever you want.

Do It On A Shoestring Budget

Bootstrapping. Meaning: starting up a business at minimal cost while keeping risk at a minimum as well.  While you could certainly spend a small fortune creating an App, in this course you will learn how to create a Minimum Viable Product and get confirmation before putting too much money at risk.

Highly Scalable Business

An Appreneur Business is so scaleable and so profitable.  What I mean by that is once your App is created, getting 1000 or 10000 downloads only cost marginally more that getting 1 download.  An Appreneur business will not weigh you down with overhead costs and cumbersome processes.

The Mobile App Industry as per the diagram below is still experiencing tremendous growth.  As they say, the best time to have gotten into the Mobile App Industry was at it's inception.  The second best time is now.

The TOAD App Marketing System

With this course, I'm teaching my entire system creating and marketing online Apps successfully.

That means I cover everything step by step that you need to get it right and avoid all of the pitfalls listed above.  I will walk you through with steps and examples for each of the 5 key areas below:

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    Pre-Marketing: I will cover how to find your audience, how to engage with them, and how to extract their pain points without being a pain yourself.
  • 2
    Monetization: I will cover all of the various options you have for monetizing your App and which one you should choose for different scenarios.
  • 3
    Pre-Launch: I will cover MVP, confirming your target audience, customer data acquisition and studies.
  • 4
    Launch: I will cover making changes based on answers from pre launch data.  I will cover preview videos, icon, and screenshots.
  • 5
    ASO: I will cover keyword basics, keyword research with examples.  You will be able to make use of our custom spreadsheet for identifying and prioritizing keywords. And much more.
  • 6
    Marketing: I will cover App Ads on Facebook, Reviews, Influencer Marketing, Cross Promotion, and more.

What this course is not

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    It's not a passive information download: This course is not about sitting back learning a bunch of theory and then doing nothing with it.  This is an implementation focused course with step by step examples for you to follow.
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    It's not a get rich quick system: As you've probably guessed by now, this is not about exploiting some growth hack to make money with as little work as possible.  It's not about grabbing a bunch of templates and spamming them to the App Stores. This is about building a legitimate Appreneur business where your hard work will pay off.
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    It's not a programming course: I'm not here to teach you how to create an App in Swift, Obj-C or even Unity.  There is plenty of information on the internet to teach you those.  This course is to teach you what App to build and how to maintain it and market it once it's complete.

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You guys are the best!!"

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A Few More Testimonials

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Thanks again for always being cool with me.  You've got a customer for life."

Mike Thomas

Creator of TOAD App Marketing Course

About ​Mike

I started out in this industry as a developer.  It was easy in the beginning for me to create games quickly that I thought people might like to play and throw them up on the App Store.  I made some quick money, but as the market evolved and became more saturated, I was lost.  I didn't know what marketing was, so I had to educate myself.

I started my education by reading books and attending local meetups.  I learned a lot, but in the end it was really trial and error that taught me what I know today.

I started TOAD and this course for a lot of similar reasons. I want to help you learn what you need to know without all of the trial and error that I had to go through. 

Regardless whether you try my course or not, I wish you all the best on your Appreneur journey and TOAD is always here to help with any questions you might have along the way.

I already tried all of this before

I'm sure some of you are thinking this right now and why shouldn't you.  You have probably been burned before with something you purchased online that was a waste of time and money. 

What I can offer to you is that I have put my name and my companies name behind this course.  I have spent countless hours developing it and I am confident you will find value in it.


I don't have money to spend

It does cost money to start a business, but luckily this business requires much less than most.  I completely understand that spending more on this course is a concern.  I will teach you some ways to earn it back as we go through the course.  You will find your money's worth and more.

a reminder of What You WILL Get

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    Pre-Marketing and Target Audience 
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get actionable specific helpful information from this course within the first 30 days after purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

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P.S.: Congratulations on reading this far.  This means you are very serious after your App business and we love that.  Whether you chose our course or not, dedication to your business is what is ultimately needed to succeed.  Whatever you decide, we suggest you start today.  Don't delay, but any delay will just lead to lost time and money.

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This course can not promise you any specific results with your App business.  Results will vary based on your target market, skill set, and the amount of work you are able to put in.