TOAD Sticker Pack and iMessage App Creation

2 Modules 10 Lessons Easy

About this course

I will walk you through step by step how to create a Sticker Pack Application and also an iMessage App with extended functionalities.

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Course Structure

4 Lessons

Sticker Pack Application

Learn how to create, upload, and submit for review a Sticker Pack Application

Module 1 Goals

By the end of Module 1, you will understand what a Sticker Pack Application is, how to create one, and how to upload it and submit it for review.

App Creation Essentials

In Lesson 1 we will go over the basic Xcode setup for a Sticker Pack App. We will look at what Xcode creates for us as part of the template. We will look at the targets, where to add the stickers, and how to create and add an icon.

Test and Upload

Learn how to test locally and how to Upload your finished App.

TestFlight and Submit For Review

Learn how to test your App via TestFlight and what all required fields to populate in iTunesConnect in order to Submit your App for Review.
6 Lessons

iMessage App and Extended Functionalities

Learn how to create an iMessage Application and several hands on activities involving the extended functionalities available.

Module 2 Goals

Learn what can be expected from Module 2

iMessage App Xcode Setup and App Essentials

In this lesson, we will ask Xcode to create an iMessage App from the template and we will have a look at what all Xcode creates and also have a look at the methods inside the MessagesViewController