You’ve sat on the sidelines watching the game and now it’s time to get in the mobile game business. The business has been exploding ever since people started enjoying playing games on their smartphones. This is the opportunity that you have been waiting for!

Already in the Game?  Let TOAD help drive your Mobile Game Business to the next level by adding another development team to your business to react quickly to the ever-changing game market.

Do you have an awesome idea for a game that you think would do well?

There are several ways that TOAD can help you get that game into the APP stores for people to enjoy and for you to become an appreneur. Please take a look at our services listed here.

Concept to Game

Let’s say you have an idea for a game. We can help you take your concept and create a game for you that will be your very own masterpiece. TOAD will be there in every step of the way –  from your design document to final testing to ensure that we created the game of your dreams.

Keep in mind, creating a game from scratch is an exciting prospect, but also could be an expensive one,  since you are creating custom code and graphics that will be unique to your game.


Existing Code to Game

Do you have an idea that has a game play concept that perhaps has already been done? We can help you search to see if there is existing code for your particular idea. By doing that you are able to cut the cost considerably since you are not reinventing the wheel. But actually adding to an existing game. This could be a considerable savings in developing your game.

Complete Reskin

This can be your least expensive road into the world of Mobile Games.

TOAD can take existing code (for a game) and change the theme to whatever you would like. Let your imagination go and make it your very own game.

Optimize Existing Code with Your Graphics

You have the source code for a game and you already have the graphics. TOAD can do the rest.

  • We will implement all the graphics.
  • We can tweak game play if you want to make the game more to your vision.
  • We will integrate any Ad Networks that you would like to use for monetizing or for acquiring players.
  • And also integrate Social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, Email) into your game so players can spread the word about your game.
  • We will integrate analytics if you would like to optimize your game post launch.

Pets vs Aliens, Frog jump

So the rest is up to you. This could be the start of a whole new world for you.

And if you are already in the game business, we can be your “team” to optimize your time and react to the marketplace as quickly as possible. We are here to take your organization to the next level.