How to find influencers for your app?


Influencer Marketing is a popular and innovative marketing strategy today. It is one of the most effective ways of getting your message out and offers a tremendous potential to reach your target users. It is a great tool to raise awareness about your new apps and a good method to be part of your user acquisition strategy. The growth of this marketing trend is owed primarily to the rise of social media and the barrage of new social platforms.

Youtube and Twitch influencers are a great resource to tap for mobile games promotion. These resources may not seem to work like ad agencies, but they can give you authentic results by getting your app exposure for short periods of time. You should be looking for these influencers to give you a spike in downloads which will then help your app move up the top charts in the respective app store. Simply put, that influencer marketing can help cut through the noise of the app store and enable better app discovery. In this day and age, influencers’ recommendations count for a lot more than the reach of traditional advertisements.

Other popular networks for influencers include Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Who are these influencers?

Influencers are individual social media users who found fame sharing what they love to a specific group of people and gaining hordes of followers along the way. These social media superusers have the authority to influence their follower’s buying and engagement decisions. In other words, when an influencer talks, people listen. They often know more about social media and engaging with digital content than branding agencies or ad agencies.

How do you find the influencers?

Finding those influential connections proves to be quite the challenge. It requires a whole lot of research. For the most part, you will need to be a kind of detective to get a hold of the perfect influencer for your app. You want to find somebody who has direct access to your target market and of course, someone who is willing to help you. You need to be thorough because not everyone who has a huge number of followers makes them an influencer.

Here are the things you need to consider in choosing the right influencer.

  • Relevance – The followers’ demographics of your influencer should be similar to your target market and the influencer’s objective should be aligned with the image you want your app to project.
  • Engagement – Check if there are healthy engagement relationship between the influencer and followers. Look for someone who talks with people and doesn’t just push out content to their followers.
  • Reach – This is an obvious metric that you should consider when selecting an influencer. You need to have a clear grasp of their social reach, which is primarily indicated by the number of followers.
  • Frequency – Check the frequency of posts. A good influencer publishes posts on regular basis.
  • Authenticity – You also need to find out the influencer’s authenticity by comparing the ratio of real posts against the sponsored ones.

Just like when reaching out to media and bloggers for game reviews, you need to make sure that influencers will have a compelling reason to read your email. Although, these people get tons of requests every day, they are also always on the lookout for stories to talk about. However, be aware that influencers are more concerned about their followers and most likely will only promote apps that have clear benefits to their audience. Most influencers are used to receiving monetary compensation in exchange for the promotion. So look for those that would truly value your company and a joint partnership.

Creating and maintaining an honest, mutually beneficial relationship with influencers will give you the exposure you need for your app and maybe even for your future projects.

Here are some ways to find the influencers:

  • Google Search – This is where you should start your quest in finding that influencer. Most of the time, the results here are not that helpful but it should be a good starting point. You can also use Google Alerts to get notified when your app name or your competitors’ are mentioned in anything that Google is indexing.
  • Social Network Search – Do a simple search on Twitter, for instance, and you’ll quickly find people who have mentioned keywords related to your app. To get more specific and narrowed down results, use the Advanced Search feature of the social network.
  • Klout – Enables you to measure the influencer’s impact with the Klout Score, a measure of a person’s online influence. The average Klout Score is 40 and users with a score of 63 are in the top 5% of all users. Klout Score is the accumulation of a person’s influence across the networks.

You can also use premium tools made specifically for finding and monitoring influencers. These tools will give you metrics that will help you make better and smarter decision in choosing the best influencer.

  • Klear –
  • Buzzsumo –
  • Traackr –
  • Mention –
  • followerwonk –


You can improve your marketing efforts by leveraging a well established, credible fan based type of engagement that has extended reach to social marketing leaders.

Remember, focus on “middle-range” influencers, they are the sweet spot beneath the celebrity-level influencers.

Utilizing the right tools and taking into consideration the pointers mentioned here in this post – should give you a solid jump start on growing your app’s visibility.

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