8 Push Notifications Strategies for Mobile Games

Push Notification is an extremely effective tool for re-engaging with your users. It offers real-time and personalized messaging system that enables immediate attention to the desired action. Users can get push notifications when they are playing your game or when they are using a different app.

A powerful Push Notifications campaign can bring both loyal and fickle users back to your game. Use it to help your players progress to the next level when they leave the game after being stuck. Push notifications can also be a channel to let your users know about recent updates or promotions.

Properly optimized push notifications will not only build healthy engagement, it can also develop brand loyalty. Poorly drafted ones, however, can annoy, disrupt, and even anger players.

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Here are some points to consider in running a successful Push Notifications campaign for your game:

1. Ask for Opt-In nicely

Android devices allow push notifications by default but it is a different story with iOS. Permission is needed before you can send push messages in iOS. So, when you ask – ask nicely.

Many game developers don’t give much attention with regards to creating a push notifications strategy. Most of them will just pop a standard permission dialog at the start of the first session. However, this could be a costly mistake. Since you only get one chance to ask for permission, you must build the user’s trust first before popping the permission dialog for a higher opt in rate.

2. Personalize your notifications

Focus on what the users want to hear and not what you want to say. This will enable your users to build a strong sense of loyalty and establish trust in your game. Give them control over when they want to get your notifications.

It always pays off when you allow them to have a customizable experience.

Employ custom notification sounds by utilizing the voice of characters from your game to get their attention. In addition, identify and group your users so you can send them custom and relevant messages based on their in-game activities.

3. Put value on your notifications

Good push notifications must always convey value to the users. It should always be delivered with your audience’s benefit in mind. Remember, push notifications sent with immediate importance get the highest engagement.

4. Don’t send too many

Less is most definitely more when it comes to user engagement through push notifications. Sending too many of them will only lead to your re-engagement campaign failure. It may seem beneficial in the beginning, as you get a bump in numbers, but using push notifications this way will result in users ignoring it or even worst, opting-out completely.

5. Make it concise

Keep your push notifications short and straight to the point. Make it instantly readable to the user by sticking to the 60-90 ideal characters for Android and no more than 120 characters for iOS. This way your push notification will not be truncated and will show up in its entirety.

6. Perfect your timing


source: comScore

There is nothing more annoying than to receive push notifications in the wrong time. Set the frequency of your notifications and follow it regularly. Consider specific regions, time zones, and cultural preferences.

Always send these notifications in your user’s local time zone.

Gathering information regarding the hours they use your game will help you send targeted messages. For instance, you can send more notifications to loyal users. Optimizing your push notifications is all about understanding your user’s behavior. Remember, push notifications are real-time, therefore, timing is key.

7. Make use of Limited-Time Offers

One of the best ways to increase push notifications open rate is to make use of limited-time offers. You can make an in-app item available for free in a limited number of hours, for instance. Or maybe offer some coin packs or upgrades at a discount for a certain time. However, remember to take caution and not to abuse this strategy. It should always remain as limited offers, not as a regular thing.

8. Test your campaigns

Always subject your campaigns to A/B testing to maximize your success. There are premium tools available that you can use to thoroughly accomplish this. Compare how different notifications affect engagement and user behavior in your game. Use specific metrics that are aligned with your goals and analyze the results to fully understand the impact of your push notifications campaign.


source: Appiterate

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Push notifications are just a tool. It entirely depends on how you use them that will determine your success. You can tighten the relationship between you and your users or you can totally ruin it.

Engage with new users and re-engage those who are slipping away.

There is an immense possibility to increase engagements and conversions with the right amount of personalization, timing, relevance, analytics, and testing. If you are serious about your game’s growth and sustainable engagement, tap into push notifications.

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